Useful information

How to hang a clock:

When you hang the clock, It shall be leveled both horizontally and vertically. You can put some paper at the back of clock If the wall is not straight. Use a suitable roll plug, falling from the wall could be a disaster for your clock.


How to move a clock:

Always move the clock with the weights and pendulum removed and hold it as upright as possible. 


How to transport a clock:

For sending a clock both inside and outside of clock shall be protected. Special attention is needed for protecting pendulum hanger:

If the suspension spring become bended then the clock will not work properly. If the Pendulum fork bended the clock will stop working. So these parts shall be protected during transportation and shipment.

If the clock is not working:

There is a possibility that the clock is not working after moving the clock. In this case it is not broken, it is out of the beat. Do not be panic and follow following simple steps

  1. Check if the hands are not touching each other, face of fron door. In that case just form and adjust the hands.
  2. Check if the clock are installed and leveled correctly.
  3. Check the pendulum is not bended, deformed or blocked by body or any part of clock.
  4. In some clocks, right and left weights are different, check if they are in correct position
  5. Hear the sound, you should hear symmetric TICK and the TOCK, The pendulum needs to swing exactly equal distances from dead center to the left, as from dead center to the right. If a clock is out of beat it makes a sound like tock,tick——tock,tick and the pendulum will swing for a few minutes and stop. Sometime by leveling the clock will be easily in beat.
  6. If the clock is level, take off the pendulum and slightly move the pendulum fork from left to right or right to left until it starts moving on its own. It should have the same feel from dead center to right and dead center to left. Hang the pendulum listen. If the sound is still not symmetric then repeat this step until get a symmetric Tick-Tock sound.
  7. Small dirt inside movement can stop clock, check if there is any dirt, plastic or styrofoam inside or between gears and clean it with small tooth stick. Cleaning with Silicon Spray can also help.


I found also nice and easy instruction on this link (It will open in new page).

I made a small user manual for clocks that I have and these can be downloaded here:

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